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Synonyms: Marketed as Kanzi which is Swahili for "hidden treasure."

Identification: Medium size, round conic. Skin colour is yellow over which are extensive blushes of red?orange covering three quarters or more of the fruit. The stem is long and thin.

Characteristics: Yellowish flesh is crisp, firm and crunchy. Juicy, slightly sharp with a mild apple flavour.

Uses: Kanzi was developed as a commercially viable fresh eating apple.

Origins: Originally called Nicoter for its originator, Johan Nicolai, who developed the variety at his Nicolai Nursery (Belgium) in conjunction with the Universität Leuwen by crossing Kidd's D-8 with pollen from Braeburn . The cultivar was marketed—and trademarked—by Greenstar Kanzi Europe (a joint venture of Koninklijke Fruitmasters and Veiling Haspengouw) in Belgium and released on the market in 2006. It was actually developed independently of the Jazz which originated in New Zealand using a similar Gala x Braeburn cross. However, the Kanzi lacks the pear-drop flavour of the Jazz.

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous. Tolerant to heat and drought, not suited for cold climates with late frosts.

Notes: Very similar in shape, colouration, and taste to the <<> which shares the same parentage of Kidd's D-8 with pollen from Braeburn .

Harvest: Through the last half of the third period. Produces heavy annual harvests. Problems:Susceptible to scab and canker.

Harvest period: 3

Type(s): Dessert, Eating


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