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Pollination group:

Early Golden

Synonyms: Marketed as Golden Supreme. This name is also used to designate a similar apple which was found in Idaho (U.S.A.) during the 1960s. Also, there is a California variety that used the trademarked name of Golden Supreme.

Identification: Medium size, tending to large. The standards call for a conic shape, but it is just as likely to be flat and irregular in shape. Greenish yellow to golden yellow with a bright pink to red blush covering about 50 per cent of the surface on the sun exposed side. The lenticels are tan-coloured and often slightly raised to give the skin a rough feel. The stem is medium long and stout.

Characteristics: The flesh is cream coloured, coarse-grained, firm, crisp and often very juicy. Very little tartness. Sweet, with honey, pear and spicy flavours. It browns quickly when exposed to air.

Uses: Sweet when eaten fresh, but also good for apple pies. Often used to make dried apple rings, as well as cider.

Origins: Found as a chance seedling in 1890 in Clay County, West Virginia (U.S.A.). Parentage unknown.

Cultivation: Highly vigorous, upright tree. Bears best every other year. It is susceptible to sunburn and sometime split at the stem basin. Well suited to market and farm-gate sales as well regional supermarket sales.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

Notes: Highly similar to the Golden Delicious in appearance, texture and flavour, so much so that it may be the same as, or possibly a sibling to it. The Golden Delicious and the Early Golden (best known as the Golden Supreme) originated within a year of each other in the early 1890s, in the same county of the same state. Both have been referred to as Mullins' Gold Seedling and it has been stated that they both came from the Mullins' farm where five scrawny apple trees grew close to the house. Annit apples, they called them - yellow apples.

16 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps up to four months.

Vulnerabilities: Moderately reistant to scab and mildew, good resistance to cedar rust.

Harvest: Ready for harvest starting early in the fourth period. Preharvest drop can be a serious problem.

Harvest period: 4

Type(s): Cider, Dessert, Jelly, Pie, Sauce

Hardiness Zone min: 4

Hardiness Zone max: 8

Pollination group: E

Pollination day: 16