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Synonyms: Marketed as Pacific Rose, also Pacific Red. Sometimes also refered to as Scired, but this is actually meant for the Pacific Queen.

Identification: Medium size, long cylindrical with some ribbing and a defined crown. The smooth skin has a yellow green base colour, with a reddish pink blush covering more than half the apple as a flush. Look for medium size, tan coloured lenticels. The stem is moderately thick and medium length, set in a medium depth basin with is usually russeted.

Characteristics: White, crisp flesh, fine?grained,firm and crisp with a noticable crunch. Sweet with a slight acidity and aromatic with distinct notes of pineapple. Thin?skinned. Ten not to brown when exposed to air.

Uses: Intended as a commercial fresh eating apple, it also is a good choice for salads.

Origins: A cross between Gala and Splendour apples, this variety was also created by Allan White and Don McKenzie of the Horticulture Research Institute in 1975 in Havelock Nort New Zealand. Like the Beauty and the Jazz which is under the control of ENZA as well, this variety boasts Gala, Golden Delicious, Kidd s Orange Red, Red Delicious and Cox s Orange Pippin in its family tree.The trademark is owned and control by ENZA Foods.

Cultivation: Medium size, mederately vigorous, upright tree.Bears fruit on spurs. It has a tendancy to produce best every other year unless thinned at fruit set.

Notes: Grown under a franchising agreement with ENZA

Type(s): Eating


Apples with a similar sounding name:

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Type: Dessert

characteristics: Flesh is pale yellow and firm. Fine grained and crisp. Very juicy, good sugar balance with BRIX rated at 14.7. Flavourful.

Synonyms: UEB 3177/1