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Pollination group:

Nova Easygro

Synonyms: Easy Grow, Nova Easy Grow, Nova Easigro

Identification: Medium to large, oblong. Greenish yellow base colour covered more than three quarters with red striping and dark red blush. Faint, pale lenticels. The calyx small and partly open, set in a deep and narrow basin. The stem is short and stout, set in a narrow and somewhat deep cavity which is russetted with rays extending over the shoulder and often onto the face of the fruit. Very glossy.

Characteristics: Flesh is white, medium grain, firm and crisp. Somewhat juicy and moderately sweet. Somewhat tart when first picked but mellows with storage.

Uses: Can be eaten fresh. Good for pies also in salads.

Origins: Developed by L.E. Aalders and D.F. Dayton at the Agricultural Research Station in Kentville, Nova Scotia (Canada) by crossing Spartan with PRI 565 ( Geeveston Fanny , Jefferies , Wealthy ). Released in 1971.

Cultivation: Hardy, moderately vigorous and spreading. Starts to produce quite young and bears annually.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

16 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps up to four months in cold storage.

Vulnerabilities: Very resistant to scab and rust, resistant to blight.

Harvest: Ready for harvest in the middle of the fourth period.

Harvest period: 4

Type(s): Dessert, Eating, Pie

Hardiness Zone min: 2

Hardiness Zone max: 8

Pollination group: C

Pollination day: 8

ARS GRIN entry: Accession ID


Associated apples:

Nova Spy
Nova Spy
Type: Cider, Eating, Pie

characteristics: Flesh is creamy yellow, fine grained, crisp and juicy. Mildly tart.

Synonyms: Novaspy, Red Nova Spy