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Pollination group:


Identification: Small to medium size. Round to round flattened. The skin has a pronounced greasy feel and is moderately thick. The base colour is greenish yellow, over which are orange to dark red stripes.

Characteristics: The flesh is cream coloured, fine grained, firm and crisp. Juicy, sweet?tart and aromatic.

Uses: Fresh eating apple.

Origins: Originated as a cross Cox’s Orange Pippin x Geheimrat Doktor Oldenburg by M. Schmidt at the Institut fŸr Acker? und Pflanzenbau in M ncheberg (Germany). Introduced, 1961

Cultivation: Weakly vigorous and requires aggressive annual pruning to encourage growth. Bears fruit on spurs as well as on one and two year old growth.

Ploidism: Self sterile.

20 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps up to five months.

Harvest: In the last half of the third period. Problems:Slightly susceptible to scab and mildew.

Harvest period: 3

Type(s): Eating

Pollination group: B

Pollination day: 6


Associated apples:

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Type: Dessert, Eating, Juice

characteristics: The flesh is white, coarse-grained and firm. Very hard when tree-ripe, but softens after two months in storage. Juicy and sweet-tart. Highly aromatic.

Synonyms: Note that there is another apple with a similar name; see Virginia Pilot

Type: Dessert, Eating

characteristics: Flesh is cream coloured, firm and fine-grained. Juicy, sweet tart, spicy flavour. Under some conditions, it can become astringent. Brix 11.8 degrees.

Synonyms: Pioneer, Corail, Pinata, Piñata, Sonata

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characteristics: The flesh is cream coloured, fine?grained, crunchy. Juicy, sweet?tart and aromatic. Brix 11, acidity 5.0 g/litre

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Type: Dessert, Juice

characteristics: The flesh is firm. Sweet with just a hint of tartness and fruity flavour. Thick skin.

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Type: Juice

characteristics: The flesh is yellowish, fine grained, firm, crunchy. Juicy and sweet?tart with a distinct aroma.

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Type: Dessert, Juice

characteristics: The flesh is yellowish, fine-grained, somewhat firm and crisp. Juicy, moderately sweet, lightly tart and with a pleasant aroma. Brix 11.2 degrees.

Synonyms: Rezista Resi

Apples with a similar sounding name:

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Type: Dessert

characteristics: The flesh is crisp at harvest, but quickly becoming soft. Juicy, sweet with honeyed flavours.

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characteristics: soft. Juicy, sweetsharp balanced. Mild.