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Pollination group:

Beauty of Kent

Synonyms: Countess of Warwick, Gadd's Seedling, Kentish Beauty, Kentish Broading, Kentish Pippin (this is also a synonym for Colonel Vaughan ), Wooling's Favourite, Worling s Favourite. Hogg suggests that this may be the Rambour Franc.

Identification: Large to very large, round conic; wide and flat at the base and narrowing to the apex, prominent ridges, often lopsided. Greenish yellow skin with bright red blush and broken stripes. The stem is short and set in a wide, deep cavity which is usually russeted. The eye is small and closed, set in a shallow, puckered basin surrounded by an irregular crown.

Characteristics: Flesh is yellowish, tender, juicy and sweet? sharp. Wonderful aromas which develop after the apple has been in storage for a few weeks.

Uses: A cooking apple, favoured for apple sauce. In pies and tarts, the cooked slices turn lemon yellow.

Origins: First recorded in 1770 and thought to have originated in Kent (UK), though there is no record of its parentage.. William Forsyth mentions it in his 1824 and management of Fruit Trees. Brompton Park Nurseries started to carry it in 1820.

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous, upright spreading spur bearer. Precocious. Ripens in later first period or beginning Treatise on the culture

16 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps up tofour months.

Type(s): Cooking, Pie, Sauce