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Pollination group:

Scifresh T-273

Synonyms: Scifresh. Marketed as Jazz by Enzafruit (formerly theNew Zealand Apple & Pear Marketing Board, now part of the Turners & Growers Group of Companies).

Identification: Small to medium size apple somewhat conical in shape. There should be no ribbing, no bloom and the skin should be smooth. A slight greasy feel tends to develop as the apple matures. The skin base colour varies from green to yellow to light orange with pronounced blush of hearty red, sometimes marroon, covering almost three quarters of the surface. Well defined, small russet flecks. The stem is medium long and thick and set in wide , moderately deep cavity that may show some russeting.

Characteristics: Flesh is butter-yellow, dense, crisp and juicy with a touch of tartness and plenty of sweetness. Properly ripened apples will have a distinct pear drop flavour. Look pronounced red to indicate ripeness. Keeps well in storage a is resistant to bruising.

Uses: Intended as an eating apple, it's also excellent sliced in a salad.

Origins: A Braeburn (the seed parent) and Royal Gala (the pollen parent) cross initiated in 1985 by Allan White at the Horticulture and Food Research Institute in Havelock North (New Zealand), this premium supermarket variety was developed as part of a government programme in partnership with New Zealand s fruit marketing body, Enzafruit. New Zealand obtained rights to the cultivar in 2002.

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous, upright, spreadingtree that bears fruit on spurs. Crops annually. Ripens in late season,

Type(s): Dessert, Eating