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Pollination group:

Ralph Shay

Summary: A flowering ornamental crabapple that produces glossy red, edible fruit.

Identification: Small, generally round to round-flattened, somewhat ribbed faces and about the size of a walnut. The base colour is yellowish, over which is a bright red wash that can cover the entire fruit. The stem is very long and slender, set in a shallow, wide basin. The calyx is small and closed, set in a slightly raised mound. A slight bloom develops on the skin as it matures.

Characteristics: The flesh is a pronounced creamy yellow. Tart and somewhat bitter. Browns quickly on exposure to air.

Uses: Ornamental. However the fruit is edible and frequently used for making apple jelly.

Origins: Wolf River x M. x zumi var. calocarpa. USA. Named in honour of Purdue University head of the Department of Botany & Plant Pathology, 1954 to 1966.

Cultivation: Vigorous growth when young, moderately vigorous when mature. Rounded, upright spreading growth habit with slightly weeping branches resulting from the fruit loads. Semi-spur. Produces flowers and fruit annually with the largest production every other year. Fruit grows in clusters on spurs. Grows to about six metres high, with a similar spread. Prefers heavy, loamy, moist soils.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

Notes: A good source of pollen for most compatible apple varieties but only marginally productive for MN 1711 .

Vulnerabilities: Somewhat susceptible to scab. Resistant to fire blight, apple rust and powdery mildew.

Harvest: Matures late in the fifth period. Fruit hangs well through most of the winter.

Harvest period: 5

Type(s): Canning, Jelly, Ornamental, Pollinization

Hardiness Zone min: 4

Hardiness Zone max: 8

ARS GRIN entry: Accession ID

Flowers: Large pink buds, white blossoms, clustered.

Foliage: Dark green

Foliage: Yellow in the autumn.

Fruit: Dark red. Small. No fruit drop when ripe.