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Pollination group:


Summary: A well-flavoured fresh eating apple that can also be used for making pies, dried apple rings and jelly.

Identification: Medium size, conic with ribbing on the sides and around the eye. The skin base colour is greenish yellow washed with orange, red and carmine stripes. Marked with light-coloured lenticels and russetted at the base.

Characteristics: The flesh is yellowish, firm, tender and fine textured. Juicy, very sweet and very slightly tart.

Uses: A well flavoured fresh eating apple.

Origins: Developed in 1923 by H.L. Lantz at the Iowa Agriculture Experiment Station in Ames, Iowa (U.S.A.) from a cross of Jonathan and Delicious. Released in 1958.

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous, spreading tree. It has a tendancy to drop fruit before harvest.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

20 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps in storage for up to five months.

Vulnerabilities: Very resistant to mildew and blight.

Harvest: Ready for harvest in the last half of the fourth period. It has a tendency to drop fruit before harvest.

Harvest period: 4

Hardiness Zone min: 4

Hardiness Zone max: 7

Status: dual

Pollination group: E

Pollination day: 16