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Synonyms: Malus baccata ‘Dolgo”

Identification: The fruit is golf ball size or smaller and round, often tending to oval. The skin is washed bright red to purple red and usually covered with a heavy bloom. Marked small, light coloured lenticels. The stem is long and slender, set in a shallow and narrrow cavity. The calyx is large and open, set in a flat basin that often protrudes above the surface of the fruit.

Characteristics: The flesh is yellow and crisp. Juicy, sweet-sharp, slightly bitter and with flavours of pineapples and strawberries. The skin colour tends to stain into the flesh.

Uses: Ornamental and cooking. Makes an excellent apple jelly with a deep ruby red colour. Frequently used as a bitter-sharp element in cider making. Can also be eaten out of hand. Favoured for ornamental plantings for their profuse display of white blossoms in the spring.

Origins: An open pollinated seedling of Siberian Crab (Malus baccata) collected at the Imperial Botanical Gardens, St. Petersburg, Russia in 1897 by Dr. Niels E. Hansen, director of the South Dakota Experiment Station at Brookings, South Dakota (U.S.A). Introduced in 1917.

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous. Large upright spreading tree up to four metres. Excellent pollinator with heavy pollen production and long bloom period. Frequently used as the prime source of pollen in large, commercial orchards.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self fertile.

Progeny: Kerr

Cold storage: Does not store well.

Vulnerabilities: Resistant to scab. Moderately resistant to fire blight. Very resistant to mildew, and rust.

Harvest: Comes ripe in the second half of the fourth period, but fruit will hang well on the tree for three months longer.

Juice character: The pressed juice has a intense cranberry colour which stains the cider even when blended with other varieties.

Harvest period: 4

Type(s): Canning, Culinary, Cider, Dessert, Jelly, Juice, Ornamental, Sauce

Hardiness Zone min: 3

Hardiness Zone max: 8

ARS GRIN entry: Accession ID

Flowers: Pink buds opening to large, white single blossoms. Fragrant.

Foliage: Pale green, glossy leaves.

Fruit: Small (walnut sized), conic, bright red fruit. Clings to tree well into winter. Has a strong tendancy to flower every other year.


Associated apples:

Alexis Crab
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Type: Cider, Jelly

characteristics: Sweet.

Synonyms: Sometimes refered to as Alexis, but this is used for a sport of McIntosh

Type: Cider, Jelly

characteristics: The flesh is red and crisp. Juicy, tart and flavourful with a tannic finish. Raspberry/strawberry flavours. Red juice.

Synonyms: Very small, conic fruit, dark red. Through mid?autumn.

Type: Dessert, Jelly, Ornamental

summary: A tasty little apple for fresh eating, but best used for making excellent jelly. Also used as an ornamental crab, though the fruit drop can become a major ...

Synonyms: Morden 352, Rosy Bloom

Red River
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origins: — Dolgo x Red Delicious,Õ A. F. Teager, North Dakota Agriculture Experiment Station, Fargo, North Dakota, USA, introduced, c1937

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de Luc
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summary: not available

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Type: Ornamental

origins: Malus baccata USA