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Pollination group:

Worcester Cross

Identification: Medium size, round conic. The skin is green maturing to pale yellow and washed deep red on the sun exposed face and marked with abundant light coloured spots. The eye is medium size and partly open, set in a deep and wide, puckered basin. The stem is slender and short, set in a deep and narrow basin. The skin develops a greasy feel at maturity.

Characteristics: The flesh is pale cream coloured, firm and crisp. Sweet and slightly tart. Fruity and aromatic.

Origins: — Cox s Orange Pippin x Wealthy, 1920, G. T. Spinks, Long Ashton Research Station, Bristol, ENGLAND, introduced, 1932 NFC: Apple Raised in 1920 at Long Ashton Research Station, Bristol. Introduced in 1932. Cox’s Orange Pippin (female) ? Wealthy (male

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous.

8 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps up to two months.

Harvest: In the first half of the third period. Problems:Very resistant to scab.

Harvest period: 3