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Pollination group:

Winter Gem

Identification: Medium, round to round conic, often lopsided. The skin is yellow, washed red and marked with darker striping on the sun exposed face. The eye is medium large, partly open and set deep in a narrow basin which is usually surrounded by a knobbed crown. The stem is medium long and somewhat stout, set in a medium deep, narrow, russeted cavity.

Characteristics: The flesh is yellowish. Crisp, juicy flavourful.

Uses: dessert

Origins: Kent UK 1985 — Cox s Orange Pippin x Grimes Golden, Hugh Ermen, introduced by Mr. F. P. Matthews of Worcestershire, England, 1993 NFC: Raised in 1975 by Mr Hugh Ermen, Faversham, Kent. Introduced in 1993 by Frank P. Matthews Ltd., Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire. Grimes Golden (female) ? Cox’s Orange Pippi (male)

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous, upright spreading tree. Bears fruit on spurs. Ready for harvest in the first half of the s period.

Harvest: In the first half of the fourth period.

Harvest period: 4

Status: apple