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Pollination group:


Synonyms: Albisser, Streifacher, Welscher Grünacher

Identification: Medium to large size, round. The base colour is bright green, blushed pale red.

Characteristics: The flesh is pale yellow. Crisp, somewhat firm. Very juicy, well-balanced, sweet-tart. Aromatic. Bruises easily.

Uses: Used primarily for pies and tarts, juice and cider. The seedlings of this cultivar are often used for root stock.

Origins: Originated as a chance seedling in the Kanton Zürich (Switzerland) in 1746.

Cultivation: Vigorous, upright spreading. Slow to start setting fruit. Heavy crops annually. Tolerates higher elevations up to 800 metres.

Ploidism: Triploid. Does not produce viable pollen.

Notes: Designated as a preferred cider variety in 1980.

16 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps up to four months.

Vulnerabilities: Resistant to fire blight.

Harvest: Through the first half of the fifth period.

Juice character: Brix 12.2 to 11.4.

Brix: 12.2

Specific gravity: 1.0492194519054

Harvest period: 5

Status: dual

Pollination group: E

Pollination day: 17