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Pollination group:


Synonyms: Petit Pigeonnet, Pomme d'Api rouge

Identification: Medium size. Round, tending to conic often one side higher than the other. Base colour yellow, washed red with darker red streaks. The calyx is small and tightly closed, set in a narrow but shallow basin. The stem is moderately stout and long, set in a shallow, narrow cavity which is often russetted.

Characteristics: The flesh is pale yellow, fine grained and juicy.

Origins: Originated in either the Lower Normandy or the adjacent Brittany region of France.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

8 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps two months.

Harvest: In the sixth period.

Harvest period: 6

Type(s): Dessert

Pollination group: A

Pollination day: 1