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Pollination group:


Identification: Medium size and round. The base colour is yellow which is washed maroon over more than two thirds of the surface fading to red striping. The eye is small and closed, set in a shallow basin. The stem is medium to long, slender and set in a deep, funnel shaped and russeted cavity.

Characteristics: The flesh is greenish white, soft. Dry and sweet, hints of strawberry, but underlying tannins.

Uses: dessert

Origins: france

Cultivation: moderately vigorous, spreading tree Ready for harvest: In the middle of the fourth period. Problems:Scab, canker, rust, mildew, blight

Ploidism: Self sterile. Group G Day 27

8 weeks

Cold storage: Up to two months

Type(s): Dessert

Pollination group: G

Pollination day: 27


Associated apples:

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Type: Culinary, Dessert

characteristics: The flesh is white when first picked, becoming yellowish in storage. Fine-grained, firm. Juicy, sweet and aromatic.

Synonyms: Benedictin, Bénédictin de Jumièges, Normande, Reinette du Nord, Reinette ...

Gold Pearmain
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Type: Dessert

characteristics: The flesh is ?????. Juicy, sweet, fruity, slightly spicy. Crsip when first harveted, becoming softer.

Synonyms: is this the same as Golden Pearmain??????? and Golden Winter Pearmain ...

King of the Pippins
Type: Cider, Dessert, Pie

summary: See also Reine des Reinettes .

Synonyms: Gold Winter Pearmain, Golden Pearmain, Golden Winter Pearmain, Reine de ...

Muscadet de Dieppe
Type: Cider

characteristics: Sweet and aromatic with hints of honey, bananas, nut and fresh cut grass. Sometimes slightly spicy.

Reinette de Granville
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characteristics: The flesh is yellowish, fine grained and dense. Sweet, slightly tart. It can be quite sharp if picked underr but mellows in storage.

Synonyms: Reinette de Grandville, Reinette Granville, Reinette Gris de Granville, Reinette ...

Type: Cider

characteristics: The flesh is white, firm and juicy. Sweet with a somewhat bitter aftertaste. Aromatic.

Synonyms: Muscadet de la Seine-Maritime, Muscadet de la Seine-inférieure, Petit Muscadet

Argile Grise
Argile Grise
Type: Cider

characteristics: Turns brown quickly after being exposed to air.

Synonyms: Petit Doux, Veret Gris. Also called Brown Thorn in Britain.

Binet Rouge
Binet Rouge
Type: Cider, Pollinization

summary: A highly rated cider apple that produces well with fragrant fruit; from the Normandy region of France.

Bulmer’s Norman
Type: Cider, Juice

characteristics: The flesh is cream coloured. Sweet and quite bitter.

Synonyms: Bulmer Norman, White Muscadet