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Pollination group:


Synonyms: Nancy, September Beauty

Identification: Medium to large size, round with some narrowing to the eye and slightly angular on the sides. The skin is greenish yellow, flushed with bright red and with darker streaks on the sun exposed face. The base colour shows through on the shaded face behind broken red stripes. Russet lenticels are scattered over the entire apple. A patch of thick russet surrounds the stalk cavity and radiates over the shoulder, sometimes onto the sides. The stem itself is short and set in a deep, narrow cavity. The eye is medium size and fully open, set in a shallow and narrow basin.

Characteristics: The flesh is yellowish, soft, tender, juicy, sw and flavourful.

Uses: This is an exceptionally flavoured eating apple, but needs to be consumed soon after picking because it quickly turns mealy.

Origins: Surrey UK 1842 nfc: Raised in Surrey, England. Recorded in 1842

Cultivation: Vigorous, upward spreading tree. Bears fruit on spurs. Ready for harvest: In the middle of the third period. Problems:Scab, canker, rust, mildew, blight

Type(s): Eating


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origins: — Katja x Buckley Giant,’ Ullensvang Research Centre, division Njos, Leikanger, Norway