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Pollination group:


Identification: Medium tending to small. Varies from conic to oblong in shape. Ribbed and crowned. The base colour is greenish yellow which is washed bright red over 60 per cent or more of the surface. A pattern of red stripes in visible on the shaded side. The eye is somewhat small and partly open, set in a moderately deep and funnel shaped basin. The stem is short and somewhat slender, set in a deep and narrow cavity which is often lightly russeted..

Characteristics: The greenish flesh is often stained red next to the skin. Coarse gained, firm and crisp. Quite tart, mellowing in storage. Keeps two months in cold storage.

Uses: Primarily a cooking apple that makes a pleasantly brisk sauce.

Origins: University of Minnesota Fruit Breeding Farm, Excelsio Minnesota (USA). Believed to be Wealthy pollinated with Jonathan. Introduced. 1942. —probably Wealthy x Jonathan, c1912, University of Minnesota Fruit Breeding Farm, Excelsior, Minnesota, USA, introduced, 1942

Cultivation: Hardy, vigorous tree, spreading with a drooping growth habit. Needs to be thinned after fruit set to prevent from bearing biennially. Ready for harvest late in the THIRD

Type(s): Cooking, Sauce