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Pollination group:


Synonyms: Louitonne

Identification: Small tending to medium. Ovate, sometimes lightly conic. The base colour is green, with brownish red flushes where the skin is exposed to the sun, Abundant ghostly spots. The eye is moderately large and tightly closed in a shallow basin. The stem is long and slender, set in a deep and narrow cavity which is lightly russeted.

Characteristics: The flesh is faint green, green under the skin. Firm and sweet. Keeps four months in cold storage.

Origins: NFC Originated in France. It was described in 1947//Champagne?Ardenne (France)

Cultivation: Ready for harvest in the last half of the FOURTH period.

Ploidism: Self sterile. Group H Day 35


Pollination group: H

Pollination day: 35


Apples with a similar sounding name:

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Type: Dessert

characteristics: The flesh is yellowish, firm, fine-grained. Very juicy and sweet. Brix 12.5 degrees.