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Pollination group:

Hans Ulrichs Apfel

Synonyms: Edel Reinette, Christen Apfel, Gelber Hans Müller, Hans Ueri Apfel, Hans Uli and Krönli Apfel.

Identification: Medium size, distinctly conic. The base colour is lemon yellow, washed pale red and striped on the sun-exposed face. Scattered russet lenticels. The skin is smooth and glossy. The stem cavity is usually russetted.

Characteristics: The flesh is yellowish, fine-grained. Juicy and sweet-tart, but the fruit needs to be matured for up to two months in storage to achieve its full, rich flavours.

Uses: Typically the smaller apples are used for making cider, the larger ones are stored until the early spring when they are at their best for eating out of hand and also for pies.

Origins: Grown by Hans Ulrich Staub in Oberrieden in Kanton Zürich (Switzerland) during the 1820s, possibly a progeny of Spitzweisser.

Cultivation: Tolerates windy conditions. Best suited to gardens and, at best, for farm gate sales.

Cold storage: Keeps up to 12 months. Develops a greasy feel in storage.

Harvest: Typically harvested early in the sixth period.

Harvest period: 6

Type(s): Cider, Eating, Pie