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Pollination group:


Synonyms: Petit Damelot

Identification: Small tending to very small. Round. Golden yellow, blushed pink on the sun-exposed face and abundantly marked with black lenticels.

Characteristics: Aromatic

Origins: Originated in the Vitré area of France.

Cultivation: Vigorous, spreading tree with domed crown. Produces heavy harvests every other year. Very hardy.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

Notes: There is also a Gros Damelot which produces larger fruit, but the quality is not at par.

6 weeks

Cold storage: Needs to be used within six weeks of harvest.

Harvest: In the fifth period. The fruit is tenacious on the branch, holding on well into winter.

Juice character: Produces a high-quality, aromatic juice, slightly bitter and with almost no acidity. Can be used as a single variety cider or blended.

Harvest period: 5

Type(s): Cider

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