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Pollination group:

Clos Renaux

Identification: Large, round tending to conic. Greenish yellow to golden, blushed and striped brick-red on the sun-exposed face; about one third of the surface. Apples not exposed to the sun are often completely greenish yellow. The stem is short and stout, set in narrow and somewhat shallow cavity. The calyx is large and open to partly open, set in a shallow and wide, pleated basin.

Characteristics: The flesh is white. Firm and juicy. Moderately sweet and slightly tart.

Origins: Grown in the 1930s by Raffin at Bourgtheroude in the Eure Department in the Normandy region of France.

Cultivation: Vigorous, growing to a large, dome shaped mature tree.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

Notes: This is one of the varieties used in the production of Calvados apple spirits.

Harvest: Starting late in the fourth period and sometimes well into the fifth.

Juice character: Brix 12.85, tannins 2.2, acidity 36.91milliEquivalents/Litre

Juice classification: Sweet

Brix: 12.8

Specific gravity: 1.052

Acidity: 36.91

Harvest period: 4

Type(s): Cider

Pollination group: F

Pollination day: 23