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Pollination group:


Identification: Tending to large, conic and as wide as it is high. The skin is pale yellow which is almost entirely washed red, but lighter toward the eye and darkest on the sun exposed face, marked with dark stripes. Abundantly marked with light coloured lenticels. The eye is small and closed, set in a small basin. The stem is medium size, and set in a wide and deep cavity.

Characteristics: The flesh is yellowish, tender. Juicy, sweet and aromatic.

Uses: Primarily an eating apple, but great in a crumble as well.

Origins: traditionnellement cultiv e en Vall e Fran aise (Barre et St Germain de Calberte).

Cultivation: Hangs well on the tree at maturity. Produces best crops every other year. Ready for harvest at the end of the second period. Disease:

Ploidism: Self sterile. Group F. Day 20.

Status: apple

Pollination group: F

Pollination day: 20

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Type: cider

Synonyms: coquerelle dure

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