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Pollination group:

Binet Violet

Synonyms: Binet Gris

Identification: Small sometimes tending to medium size, round and slightly conic shape, typically higher on one side than the other. The base colour is greenish maturing to golden yellow, blushed brick-red on the sun-exposed face. Marked with abundant russet lenticels. The calyx is small and slightly open, set in a wide and deep basin. The stem is slender and moderately long set in a deep and wide, russetted cavity.

Characteristics: The flesh is pale yellow, fine-grained and tender. Juicy, sweet and well flavoured.

Uses: Used almost exclusively for cider. One of a number highly prized, French cider varietals.

Origins: Grown from pippins by Legrand, nursery owner in Yvetot, in 1868. Described under its synonym Binet Gris by Lucien de Boutteville in "Le Cidre: Traité rédigé d'après les documents recueillis, de 1864 à 1872" (published in 1875). There seems to be no documentation on its parentage.

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

Cold storage: Needs to be used soon after harvest.

Harvest: Starting early in the sixth period.

Juice character: Flavourful, amber must. 2.62 grams per litre tannin, 24.93 milliEquivalents acids per litre, Brix 12.4 degrees.

Juice classification: Bittersweet

Brix: 12.4

Specific gravity: 1.050

Harvest period: 6

Type(s): Cider