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Pollination group:

Bess Pool

Synonyms: Black Blenheim, Norman's Pippin, Red Rice, Ronald’s Besspool, Stadlerope Pippin, Stadway Pippin, Stradbroke Pippin, Stradbrooke Pippin, Walsgrove Blenheim

Identification: Medium to large. Round conic with slightly angular faces and flattened at the base and crown. The base colour is pale greenish yellow over which is a crimson flush and broken stripes. The sun exposed face is usually washed red and marked with darker broken stripes. A yellowish russet often covers most of the base. The eye is tightly closed and medium size set in a medium deep, wide, ribbed basin.The stem is short and thick, set in a shallow cavity which often has a fleshy lip on one side.

Characteristics: White flesh is often stained red next to the skin. Coarse grained, firm . Crumbly, somewhat juicy and sweet. Aromatic.

Uses: Used both for eating fresh as well as cooking. Wonderful with cheeses once matured in storage.

Origins: A wild tree found growing in a forested area near Nottinghamshire (U.K.) by Bess Pool, daughter of the village innkeeper. Grafted trees from this variety were subsequently offered for sale by Chilwell nurseryman John R. Pearson. First documented in 1824

Cultivation: Vigorous upright spreading tip bearer. Produces crops sporadically. The stems tend to be weak.

12 weeks

Cold storage: It keeps well for about three months. The skin becomes greasy in storage.

Harvest: Ripens during first half of the OCTOBER period.

Harvest period: 5

Type(s): Cooking, Eating