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Pollination group:

Beauty of Moray

Identification: Medium to large. Round to oblare and often with angular sides. Greenish skin. the eye is moderately large and closed, with long petals, set in a rather deep and funnel shaped basin. The stem is short and stout, set in a moderately deep and funnel shaped cavity.

Characteristics: The flesh is white, crisp. Acidic.

Uses: Too sharp for eating out of hand, but makes an intensely flavoured and cream coloured sauce or puree.

Origins: First recorded in 1883 as being a Scottish variety. NFC Originated from Scotland. It was recorded in 1883

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous, upright spreading spur bearer. Ripens in very early first period or just prior.

Ploidism: Self sterile. Group C. Day 10.

4 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps up to a month.

Harvest: in the middle of the second period. Problems: ababab

Harvest period: 2

Type(s): Eating, Sauce

Pollination group: C

Pollination day: 10


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