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Pollination group:

American Crabapple

Synonyms: Sweet Crabapple, Garland Crabapple, Malus coronaria

Uses: Offered as an ornamental tree by some North American nurseries.

Origins: Native to the Great Lakes region of North America.

Cultivation: Shrub growth habit when left to grow wild, but will grow to about 10 metres when cultivated, developing into a wide, open profile with a slight weeping habit. Bears fruit annually and the small crabapples hang right through the winter. Grows best in moist, rich soils and prefers partial shade. Zones 5 to 7.

Ploidism: Self fertile.

Notes: The synonym "Sweet Crabapple" refers to the odour of the flowers rather than the taste of the fruit.

Vulnerabilities: Susceptible to cedar apple rust.

Status: ornamental

Flowers: White to pale pink, five petals

Fruit: Red, cherry size, not edible