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Pollination group:

Amère de Surville

Synonyms: Amer de Surville, Normande, Espèce-Arnout

Identification: Medium tending to large, conic and often irregular shape. The base colour is greenish yellow, marked with a pattern of red streaks on the sun-exposed face. The calyx is large and closed, set in an irregularly shaped, shallow basin and surrounded by a knobbed crown. The stem is short and quite stout, set in a narrow cavity.

Characteristics: The flesh is greenish which is most pronounced close to the skin. Very bitter with no discernible aroma.

Origins: Mentioned in 1896 by Auguste Truelle in his "Atlas des Meilleures Variétés de Fruits à Cidre" as being well-known by various names in the Pays d'Auge region of Normandy (France). Truelle proposed the current name.

Cultivation: Vigorous. Pyramidal shape.

Ploidism: Self sterile.

Cold storage: Keeps well in storage.

Harvest: Can be harvested at the end of the fifth period.

Status: cider

Pollination group: B

Pollination day: 7

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