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Pollination group:

Altländer Fettapfel

Synonyms: Altlander Fettapfel

Identification: Round conic, distinctly angular sides, randomly knobbed crown, often irregular. Green, sometimes with a brownish red blush on the sun exposed face. The eye is closed and on the small side, set in a narrow and shallow, puckered basin surround by an irregularly knobbed crown and ridged. The stem is slender and medium length, set in a moderately deep and funnel-shaped cavity which is usually russeted. The skin has a greasy feel.

Characteristics: The flesh is white, crisp. Intense flavour.

Uses: Makes a flavourful, cream coloured sauce.

Origins: Germany

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous.

Ploidism: Diploid Self sterile.

8 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps two months in cold storage.

Harvest: In the middle of the fourth period.

Harvest period: 4

Type(s): Culinary, Sauce

Pollination group: D

Pollination day: 14