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Pollination group:

Alnarps Favorit

Synonyms: Alnarp, Alnarp's Favorite, Alnarp's Favourite, Alnarps Favourite, Favorit, Favorite, Favourite

Identification: Large size. Intermediate to oblong conic. The base colour is greenish yellow over which is a dark red blush covering the sun exposed half to two thirds of the apple. Faint striping can be seen on the shaded face. Light coloured lenticels are prominent on the sun exposed side, but almost invisible on the shaded side. The eye is large and open, set in a moderately deep basin surrounded by an unevenly knobbed crown. The stem is short, somewhat slender and knobbed at the end, set in a moderately deep, funnel shaped and russeted cavity.

Characteristics: The flesh is soft and juicy. Sweet-tart. Flavour profile is similar to McIntosh.

Uses: a fresh eating apple, but frequently also used as a cooking apple, becoming sweeter and holding its shape.

Origins: Developed in 1944 at the Agriculture College in Alnarp (Sweden) by crossing McIntosh with pollen from Alfa 68. Selected in 1967.

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous. The fruit tends to drop as soon as it ripens.

Ploidism: Triploid. Does not provide valid pollen for itself nor other apple varieties.

12 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps three months.

Harvest: Ready for harvest in the middle of the fifth period.

Harvest period: 5

Type(s): Cooking, Eating

Pollination group: D

Pollination day: 13