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Pollination group:

Allen’s Everlasting

Synonyms: Allen Everlasting, Harvey’s Everlasting

Identification: Medium size, round and flat, not as high as it is wide, noticably ribbed. The skin base colour is greenish yellow, tending to yellow as it matures. There may be reddish brown streaks or blush on the sun exposed face over which is a lacework pattern of russet. The stem is short and moderately stout and set in a deep and wide cavity with russet streaks extending up onto the shoulder. The eye is semi open to open, medium large in a wide basin which is uniformly russetted and surrounded by a faint, five-knobbed crown.

Characteristics: The flesh is creamy yellow, fine-grained, tender and crisp. It tends to be a bit on the dry side, but with good, sweet-sharp flavour. Let it hang as long as possible on the tree to get maximum sweetness and taste.

Uses: Intended to be eaten fresh, however many people prefer to pare off the tough skin.

Origins: Grown in Ireland for at least a century, likely longer, before it was documented by nursery owner and fruit breeder Thomas Rivers in 1864. Thought to be an open pollinated Sturmer Pippin.

Cultivation: A small tree, upright spreading, bears fruit on spurs.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

20 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps for up to five months.

Harvest: Ready for picking in the middle of the fifth period.

Harvest period: 5

Type(s): Dessert, Eating

Pollination group: D

Pollination day: 14