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Pollination group:

Alexis Crab

Synonyms: Sometimes refered to as Alexis, but this is used for a sport of McIntosh

Identification: Small and long conic like the Dolgo Crab, but deep red, growing in clusters. The fruit develops a blue bloom as it ripens.

Characteristics: Sweet.

Uses: Makes an excellent apple jelly. Sometimes also used in cider making.

Origins: Raised from seeds collected by Niels Ebbesen Hansen, professor of agriculture at South Dakota State University (U.S.A.) while visiting the Imperial Botanical Gardens in St. Petersburg in 1897. It is believed to be a pip from the same Malus baccata apple as the Dolgo Crab.

Cultivation: Vigorous, large tree. Resistant to blight and scab.

Notes: Seedlings make good, non-dwarfing root stock for grafting.

Type(s): Cider, Jelly