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Pollination group:


Summary: A sharp cider apple from France.

Identification: Medium size, conic, often slightly lopsided. Light green, occasionally blushed brownish red on the sun-exposed face. The calyx is small and tight in a shallow and open basin. The stem is long and slender, set in a deep and funnel shaped cavity which is russeted with the russet radiating out over the shoulder, sometimes onto the face of the apple.

Characteristics: The flesh is white, coarse grained and somewhat dry. Browns quickly when exposed to air.

Uses: Cider making.

Origins: France

Ploidism: Self sterile. Group E. Day 16.

Harvest: In the first half of the fourth period.

Juice character: Sharp

Harvest period: 4

Type(s): Cider

Pollination group: E

Pollination day: 16


Apples with a similar sounding name:

Type: Cooking, Dessert, Eating, Juice, Pie

summary: Originating in Italy, this large, fresh-eating apple offers a refreshing sweet-tart flavour.

Synonyms: Belfort