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Pollination group:

Sweet Bough

Synonyms: August Sweet, August Sweeting, Autumn Bough, Bough Apple, Early Bough, Early French Reinette, Early Sweet Bough, Early Sweetheart, Early Yellow Bough, Large Bough, Large Early Bough, Large Early Yellow Bough, Large Sweet Bough, Large Yellow, Large Yellow Bough, Niack Pippin, Pound's Early, Pound's July, Susser Bough, Sweet Bough, Sweet Harvest, Sweetbough, Washington, Washington Wrongly, White Sugar, Yellow Bough

Summary: A sweet summer eating apple that dates back to the early 1800s.

Identification: Medium tending to large, round to round conic. The smooth, thin skin is pale yellow with a red blush on the sun-exposed face. The stem is long and slender, set in a deep cavity. The calyx is small and closed, set in a somewhat shallow basin.

Characteristics: The flesh is white, tender, crisp, juicy. Very sweet with honeyed flavours. Turns brown quickly when exposed to air and when bruised. Can be bitter if picked too early.

Uses: An early sweet dessert apple.

Origins: This North American cultivar was first first noted by pomologist William Coxe Jr. in his 1817 edition of "A View of Cultivation of Fruit Trees, and the Management of Orchards and Cider" as the Bough Apple with the comment that "it is the finest early table apple we have; and as an eating apple, is preferred to any other at the season in which it ripens." Likely arose in New Jersey on America's east coast, but there is no indication of its parentage.

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous, precocious. Crops heavy. Biennial. Tolerates Hardiness Zones 5 to 9

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

Notes: Sometimes used as a cooking/baking apple. Without question, it is sweet but the result is a rather bland pie or sauce.

Cold storage: Does not keep well.

Vulnerabilities: Resistant to scab and cedar apple rust. Somewhat susceptible to fire blight.

Harvest: Over a span of several weeks starting early in the third period, sometimes even late in the second period.

Harvest period: 2

Status: dessert

Pollination group: D

Pollination day: 11

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