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Pollination group:

Pink Chief

Summary: A mutation of Cripps Pink found growing in an orchard of Cripps Pink near Dover, Tasmania (Australia) in 2007. More highly coloured and bears fruit on the stem column. Spur bearer. Columnar growth habit.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

Notes: Pink Chief. Pink-red Cripps Pink sport with columnar bearing habit. Origin: Fruit Varieties International, Grove, Tasmania, Australia, by B. Francis. Limb mutation of Cripps Pink; discovered 2007; propagated 2009. USPP 27,187; 27 Sep. 2016. Fruit: diameter 7.9 cm; 85% red with yellow-green ground color; color more intense than Cripps Pink; flesh fresh, crisp; 15 Brix; ripens late season in

Type(s): Dessert