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Pollination group:

Morden 359

Identification: Large. Red

Characteristics: Juicy. Slightly tannic.

Uses: Best for making sauce and for baking, though the apples are somewhat tender.

Origins: A cross of Wealthy and Melba developed by Agriculture Canada's Morden Research Station in Morden, Manitoba (Canada).

Cultivation: Very hardy

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

12 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps three months

Vulnerabilities: Scab resistant.

Type(s): Culinary, Sauce

ARS GRIN entry: Accession ID


Apples with a similar sounding name:

Type: Dessert

characteristics: The flesh is creamy white with tinges of green. Firm and crisp. Sweet and slightly sprightly, flavourful.

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Type: Eating, Juice

characteristics: The flesh is cream coloured. Extremely juicy, sweet and slightly tart and delicate in flavour. When allowed to fully ripen on the tree, it has a faint aroma ...

Merton 793

summary: not available

Morden 347
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origins: — Wolf River x Harrington,’Iowa Agriculture Experiment Station, Ames, Iowa, USA, introduced, c1922

Morden 363
Type: Dessert

characteristics: The flesh is cream-coloured. Firm and somewhat tart.