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Pollination group:

Golden Hornet

Synonyms: Malus zumi calocarpaGolden Hornet

Uses: Makes a fragrant gelly. Also used to provide pectin in other conserves. Used for making cider.

Origins: This tree was bred in the early 20th century by Waterer’s Nursery. It is thought to be descended from Malus prunifolia rinki or Malus x Zumi Calocarpa.ÓÒ

Cultivation: Vigorous, upright tree. Bears particularly heavy crops which form in crowded clusters on spurs and one?year wood. Slight tendancy to becoming biennial.

Ploidism: Self fertile. Group ???? Day ???? The bud is deep pink flowering out to a medium which blossom which produces viable pollen over a two week period starting early in Pollination Group C. An excellent pollinator for mid and lat flowering varieties.

Type(s): Cider, Jelly

ARS GRIN entry: Accession ID


Apples with a similar sounding name:

Golden Hornet
Type: Culinary, Ornamental

origins: Malusx zumi calocarpa seedling. UK