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Synonyms: Elliot, TimpGold, Mt. Timp Gold, Mount Timp Gold

Identification: Medium to large. Ovate to conic, ocassionally conic, elongated with a knobbed crown. The skin colour varies from yellow green to golden yellow at maturity. At times a pink blush covers about 10 per cent of the surface. Lenticels are small, star shaped and barely conspicuous. Patches of russet may be present. The clubbed stem is medium to long and moderately slender, set in a moderately deep and narrow cavity which is often surrounded by russeting. The eye is medium size and can be open or closed, set in a moderately shallow and wide basin. A thin surface bloom develops at maturity.

Characteristics: The flesh is pale cream coloured, fine grained and crisp. Juicy, sweet?sharp but well balanced with a fruit flavour. Keeps for three months in cold storage.

Uses: Indtended as a supermarket eating apple.

Origins: Found in 1979 as a chance seedling by Grant Elliott i his orchard near Provo, Utah (USA). Delicious and Golden Delicious are the primary varieties grown at the orchard and is probable that the seedling is a cross of these two variet Initially release as Elliott, later marketed as Mt. Timp Gol

Cultivation: Vigorous, spreading. Annual. Ready for harvest starting in the second half of the THIRD period..

Ploidism: Self sterile.

Status: apple