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Pollination group:


Identification: Medium size. Round, conic. The base colour is greenish yellow, often with an orange blush on the sun exposed face. Calyx is small and closed, set in a shallow, wide and puckered basin. The stem is stout and short, set in a deep and narrow cavity.

Characteristics: The flesh is cream-coloured, fine-grained and crisp. Rather dry, but sweet and nutty.

Origins: Chance seedling, Hungary

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

Vulnerabilities: Resistant to scab, fire blight and powdery mildew.

Harvest: Ready for harvest in the middle of the fourth period.

Harvest period: 4

Type(s): Dessert

Pollination group: D

Pollination day: 13