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Synonyms: Marketed under the trademarked name ModiÑ after the Italian artist Modiglianiin Europe.

Identification: Medium large and conic The skin is thick and smooth with no indication of bloom and only a slight greasiness.Background colour is greyish yellow which is washed to 85 to 95 per cent with a solid purple red flush with scattered small lenticels. The stem is about an inch (23.24 mm) in length and somewhat stout (2.94 mm), green and is set in a shallow, wide cavity.

Characteristics: The flesh is yellow white. Firm, crisp and sweet, lightly aromatic and slightly tart.

Uses: Intended as a supermarket apple for fresh eating. The apple remains firm and juicy for up to three weeks on the shelf and up to seven months in cooled storage facilities.

Origins: Developed in 1992 in a planned and controlled breeding programme by the Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti at Ferrarra (Italy) intended to de that would be dark red, with high sugar content, firm flesh, s storage life and long shelf life. To do this, the developers s parent and pollinated it with Liberty. In 1996, a seedling lab selected from this cross to undergo tests ensuring that it wou true to type. It was subsequently planted in a test orchard ne observation but at this stage it appears that the developers h was introduced to the market in 2008. Gala x Liberty, 1996, Michelangelo Leis, Alessio Martinelli, Gianfranco Castagnoli and Francesco Tagliani in S. Giuseppe di (Ferrara), Italy, introduced, 2005

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous, upright tree. Bears fruit on spurs and shoots. So far, indications are that it bears annually. The fruit hangs on the Apples are ready for harvest by the middle of the first period bloom The tree itself is hard at inter temperat res of mi s

Type(s): Eating, Juice