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Pollination group:

Chestnut Crab

Identification: Small tending to medium. Round-flattened. Bronze coloured with red stripes, often russeted. The stem is very long and slender, set in a deep and narrow cavity. The calyx is small, set in a wider and deep, ribbed basin.

Characteristics: The flesh is pale yellowish, firm, fine-grained, crunchy. Juicy, sweet, slightly tart. Pear and honey flavoured, sometimew with a hint of vanilla. Brix 12.8. Browns slowly when exposed to air.

Uses: Fresh eating, good for jellies and often used for cider.

Origins: A cross of Malinda with pollen from Siberian Crabapple . Developed at the University of Minnesota (U.S.A.) and released in 1946.

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous, compact tree with somewhat weeping branches. Slight tendency to bear best every other year. Likes full sun. Tolerates Hardiness Zones 3 to 7.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

4 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps one month.

Vulnerabilities: Resistant to scab, blight, rust and mildew.

Harvest: Starting in the middle of the third period. Over several weeks.

Brix: 12.8

Specific gravity: 1051.7502603986

Harvest period: 3

Status: culinary

Pollination group: B