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Pollination group:

Blushing Susan

Identification: Medium size, round tending to conic. The base colour at maturity is golden yellow blushed oranged red on the sun exposed face and sometimes marked with tiny russet lenticels. The skin feels waxy. The calyx is medium size and partly open, set in a narrow basin which is surrounded by faintly knobbed crown. The stem is very long and slender, set in a deep and somewhat narrow cavity which is russeted with rays extending over the shoulder and often down onto the face of the apple.

Characteristics: The flesh is white, fine grained, crisp and crunchy. Juicy, sweet and sprightly. Slightly pineapple flavoured and aroma. It tends to brown only slightly when exposed to air.

Uses: Intended as a dessert apple, but also good for pies.

Origins: Developed by Dr. Jim Rahe, at his orchard in Langley, BC (Canada) by crossing Kidd's D-8 with Sunrise . Named after his daughter, Susan.

Ploidism: Diploid. Self sterile.

Type(s): Dessert, Pie