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Pollination group:

Beachamwell Seedling

Synonyms: Beachamwell, Beauchamwell, Motteux’s Seedling

Identification: Small, ovate to conical. The skin base colour is greenish yellow with large areas of russet, especially at the eye. Also lenticels are russeted. A pale reddish blush sometimes develops on the sun exposed face.The stalk short to medium long and moderately stout, deeply set in its basin.

Characteristics: The flesh of this sweet?sharp apple is yellowish, tender, crisp and very juicy. The flavour is brisk and sweet. Keeps for four to five months in cold storage.

Uses: An excellent heritage style eating apple.

Origins: Raised by John Moteux of Beachamwell, Norfolk (UK) during the early 1800s.

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous, spreading, spur bearer. Ready for harvest in middle of the second period. Prone to bitter pit.

Ploidism: Self sterile. Group D. Day 15.

Notes: Paton (pollinization D15) and Tatham (pollinization C9) strains.

Type(s): Eating

Pollination group: D

Pollination day: 15