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Pollination group:

Malus pumila

Summary: This is the basic apple tree that is consumed, cooked or raw, jellied and sauced, world wide. It is cross bred and interbred to create over eight thousand subtle flavours and aromas, textures and tastes, shapes and colours.

Uses: Eaten fresh, eating cooked and baked, in salads and in deserts, as juices and as fermented beverages as well as extracted into crafted distillates. Some varieties are also used simply to feel livestock.

Origins: The ancestor of Malus pumila is Malus sieversii found growing in the mountain ranges of central Asia and has been used for food by humans as long as there have been humans to receive them. It is thought to be the one of the first plants cultivated by humans and may well have aided mankind in its survival on this planet.

Cultivation: Capable of growing in a wide spectrum of conditions. As long as the conditions provide for a growing season of about six months in in reasonably fertile soil and some moisture, Malus pumila will grow.

Vulnerabilities: The major diseases are scab, blight and rust.

Harvest: In most cases, the harvest takes place about 120 days, more or less, after the blossoms have been fertilized.

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