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Pollination group:

Malus prunifolia

Other names: Pear-leafed Crabapple, Plum-leafed Crabapple, Chinese Crabapple

Identification: Small. Round. Base colour yellow with slight orange blush.

Characteristics: The flesh is yellowish, soft. Very juicy and astringent.

Uses: Ornamental and as dwarfing rootstock for other apple trees.

Origins: Native to China.

Cultivation: Vigorous. Grows up eight metres in height.

Diseases: Susc

Ploidism: Diploid

Notes: Four varieties are documented: Malus prunifolia var. obliquipedicellata, Malus prunifolia var. prunifolia, Malus prunifolia var. ringo, and Malus prunifolia var. rinki

Harvest: Fruit ripens late in the fifth period. Tends to hang after maturity.

Status: ornamental

Flowers: white with pink highlights

Fruit: yellow, often red berries.

Associated apples:

Golden Hornet
Type: apple

Origins: This tree was bred in the early 20th century by Waterer’s Nursery. It is thought to be descended from Malus prunifolia rinki or Malus x Zumi Calocarpa.ÓÒ

Other names: Malus zumi calocarpaGolden Hornet

Magnus Crab
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Type: apple

Characteristics: The flesh is firm, crisp. Juicy, slightly tart, and slightly bitter, aromatic.

Other names: Magnus

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