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Pollination group:

Malus lancifolia

Other names: Allegheny Crabapple

Identification: Small, round flattened, faintly angular faces. About the size of a cherry. Base colour is green.

Characteristics: The fruit flesh is yellowish green. Fine-grained and firm. Acidic.

Uses: Ornamental. Also used for root stock.

Origins: Native to eastern North America.

Cultivation: Vigorous. Semi spur. Grows to a maximum of 6 metres. Tolerates Hardiness Zones 4 through 8.

Ploidism: Triploid

Vulnerabilities: Resistant to most apple diseases.

Harvest: Matures early in the fourth period. Fruit hangs after ripening.

Status: ornamental

Flowers: White with pale pink.

Malus lancifolia

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