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Amer Vieuville

Other names: Vieux Ville, Anne Vieuxville

Identification: Medium size, round conic. Yellow base colour is washed with bright red over two thirds of the surface. The Character of the

Origins: Found primarily in the cantons of Moncontour, Lamballe and Langueux

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous, rather small, spreading tree. Highly productive.

Ploidism: Self sterile.

Notes: xxxx The cider is heavy and tends to darken

6 weeks

Cold storage: Should be used within six weeks of harvest.

Harvest: At the end of the fourth period.

Juice character: fragrant juice with a high specific gravity. Has a tendancy to darken quickly when exposed to air. Typically blended half and half with Saint?Jean. Character of the Cider: quickly when exposed to air. Other

Status: cider

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