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Pollination group:

King of Tompkins County

Other names: Flat Spitzenburg, King, King Apple, Toma Red, Tomkins County King, Tompkins King, Tommy Red, Tom’s Red, Winter King

Identification: Large to very large, round to conical and ribbed at the calyx basin. Base colour is yellow to pale orange with dark red stripes, lighter on the shaded side and light coloured dots. The stem cavity tends to be russetted. Identification by stem characteristics is difficult because it ranges from short to long and from slender to stout. Skin has a greasy feel, more so after a few weeks of storage.

Characteristics: The flesh is yellow, coarse-grained, crisp, sweet and tender. Aromatic. Flavour and sweetness are at their peak when the fruit is allowed to ripen on the tree until the stripes are prominent and distinctive.

Uses: Good for fresh eating when allowed to fully ripen. Makes outstanding apple pies and strudels. Adds a vinous aroma to cider. Good for drying.

Origins: A chance seedling of unknown origin found growing in Warren County of New Jersey (U.S.A.) and brought to Tompkins County, New York, by Jacob Wycoff in 1804. Originally known as a King apple, the first published reference is in the 1842 edition of the New Genesee Farmer. It was renamed in 1856 to Tompkins King by the American Pomological Society.

Cultivation: Vigorous and spreading spur bearer. On its own roots, it takes up to 10 years to start bearing fruit and has a strong tendency to become biennial. Tolerates Hardiness Zones 5 to 9.

Ploidism: Triploid. Self sterile. Produces no viable pollen.

16 weeks

Cold storage: Keeps well in cold storage for four months.

Vulnerabilities: Resistant to scab. Susceptible to blight and canker and can develop collar rot and scald and, on ocassion, water core and bitter pit.

Harvest: Ripens in the middle of the fifth period.

Status: dual

Pollination group: C

Pollination day: 10

King of Tompkins County

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