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King of the Pippins

Other names: English Golden Pearmain, English Wintergold Lepage, Belrene. Also often referred to simply as “King” resulting in some confusion since this name is Pearmain, Ruckman’s Pearmain, Hampshire Yellow, Herzog’s also used for Summer King, Warner King, and King David. Reinette, Jones’ Southhampton Pippin,

Identification: S Keeps three months in cold storage. light ribbing, quite narrow at the apex. The skin is green

Characteristics: T Resistant to scab and mildew, somewhat susceptible to canker very juicy and sweet with virtually no acidity. Keeps three

Uses: Cooking apple. Farm in Hampshire, England during the mid?1950s.

Origins: A King Russet known in the Normandie region of France during the early Rote Goldparmane A more highly coloured clone of King of the 1500s. Trials in 1967 from Germany. Fruits are firm, juicy and suba Reine des Reinettes Rouge: France 1993 washed almost complet

Cultivation: Moderately vigorous, upright spur bearer. Ready for harvest starting early in the FOURTH the cavity itself is shallow, green and russeted. period.

Ploidism: Partially self fertile. Group D. Day 13. months in cold storage.

Mutations: King of the Pippins Russet is a sport of this varie

Notes: There has been some confusion over this apple and the Golden Winter Pearmain. According to some references, these are merely different colloquial names Robert Hogg, considered this the true King of the Pippins, d that the latter has a golden yellow base colour, no major ru longer stalk set in a russeted cavity. He gave its harvest p

Status: apple

Pollination group: D

Pollination day: 13

King of the Pippins

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Allington Pippin
Type: dessert

Characteristics: Flesh is off-white, fine grained. Juicy with a rich, sweet-tart flavour, somewhat reminiscent of pineapple. The flavour tends to be somewhat harsh at harvest ti ...

Other names: Allington, Allington Peppin, Brown’s South Lincoln Beauty, South Lincoln Beauty, ...

Laxton’s Triumph
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Type: apple

Characteristics: The flesh is creamy white, fine grained and firm, Juicy, sweet?sharp and highly aromatic. keeps three months in cold storage.

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